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Monthly Archives: February 2014


Yesterday was a long day – one of those long days that are rewarding and challenging in equal measure. It started with a combined yoga/photo session, prevailing on the goodwill of my students to gather some more photos for the website. I really want photos here to show real people actually doing yoga, rather than perfectly made up, glamorously skinny… Read more →


In forty years of life, I can’t remember ever living under a government that I didn’t despise within a few months of them taking office. It’s kind of surreal to think that women before me had to die to procure a vote that seems to make so little difference now. There is no other sphere of life in which we… Read more →

Woolly warmth

Most people who know me also know that I love to work with wool. I’ve been knitting for just a few years, and spinning for even less. But it’s funny how some skills you just pick up easily, as if they’ve been waiting for you all along. It turns out the arcane art of fluff charming skipped a generation: both… Read more →