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Monthly Archives: March 2014


I started running again in the second week of January. This is something I do for pleasure, but it also continues to teach me a lot about my capacity for pushing myself too far. Each morning after a run is chance to check in for aches and stiffness, humbled by the relentless drive my body has developed to run away… Read more →

Story telling

There’s a little group of ten year olds I’m currently teaching on a Tuesday afternoon, and as part of the contract evolving between us, they will try the asana and the pranayama and the Being Still (above all, the Being Still, please!) and in return, I read them stories from the Little Book of Hindu Deities by Sanjay Patel, which… Read more →

Previous Pretty Things

I’ve spent my time doing many different things over the years, and once upon a time I did a little graphic art and design. This was back when the interwebs were new and shiny and Photoshop and Illustrator were just two programs that did what they said on the label and not this new-fangled ‘Creative Suite’ where I can’t work… Read more →