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Monthly Archives: April 2014

Peace at what price?

This week, I’ve been contemplating the differences between peace as an individual endeavour and as a communal project. My thinking isn’t quite clear, but it’s Thursday, and Thursday is blogging day, and like many writers, I think best sometimes whilst writing, so let’s take that journey to clarity together. “We swear by peace and love to stand Heart to heart… Read more →


  We’re away on Thursday, so this week’s blog is a little early. Because the sun is high and Spring is definitely here, I decided to share something bright, colourful and goddess-inspired. Uma Dinsmore-Tuli’s book, ‘Yoni Shakti’ (available in all good bookshops – buy it now!) includes as an appendix, beautiful yantras of all the ten Hindu wisdom goddesses whose… Read more →

Simnel Cakes

On my mother’s side, I come from a long line of little, curvy, smily kind of women. On my father’s side you find the stronger, more serious, taller and darker women. At least, that’s how I remember them. My mother’s mother grew to the dizzy heights of 4’11”, and her husband escaped a life in the mines because he was… Read more →

Spring Photo Diary

For me, yoga is the whole package. It helps with all aspects of our wellbeing, and therefore eventually supports every aspect of our daily lives, from relationships to ethical shopping to healthy sleeping patterns. But yogis and yoginis are also real people, who get grumpy, fall ill, and eat doughnuts occasionally. Yoga isn’t supposed to make you perfect, it’s supposed… Read more →