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Monthly Archives: June 2014

Positive thinking

Any system of thought has its traps for the unwary. The biggest one of all is the safe and superior knowledge of how everyone else is going wrong, without turning that critical awareness inwards. Absolute truth and simple answers are as prayers from human hearts weary of the random cruelty and infinite complexity of life. We live on a ball… Read more →

Other Voices

Pulled between the high energy of summer, just a week from the solstice; and yet also slipping into the deep cool darkness of my first bleeding day, today I feel stretched thin, worn and delicate as an old shawl. My breath is long, slow, and filled with silences. So, today, I have three other voices for you – three voices… Read more →

Pictures for a purpose

I will happily admit that I am a complete amateur in all my art and design skills. As I head towards my third degree (!) in the Autumn, I still cherish those skills that I did not learn in any kind of school. Many, many years ago, a therapist asked me to draw for her, because anything I wrote felt… Read more →