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Monthly Archives: July 2014

Vision Quests and Sacred Sites

Home safe from the Rainbow Futures DruidCamp. It is the camp’s 13th year, my 9th camp and my 3rd year helping Mark Graham run the event. I’m so blessed to have him to run around and make mischief with, along with the whole team who make it happen, and a growing tribe without which there would be no point to… Read more →

Across the gap

There is power in the gap; and in the contact. I know there was a time when my whole being ran on instinct: environment > action > reaction. Early relationships sparking across synapses with the same repeated refrain: You made me feel this; so now I say that; which makes you feel this; so you do that. I had grown… Read more →

Negative Feedback

““Yoga” will not on its own protect your shoulder or your environment unless you use it specifically to do those things. And if you do, you’ll need commitment and training above and beyond what yoga pedagogy typically provides. If yogis want to be uninjured on the biomechanics front, yoga needs physios, osteos, neurologists and kinesiologists. If yogis want to be… Read more →

Portraits to a purpose

This week: another selection of early artwork. These are portraits to a purpose. As much of my fascinations are with the physical body, most of them are, to use a delightful internet phrase ‘not safe for work’. In other words, although they are not conceived as erotic, they do contain nudity. Firstly, and from many, many years ago, a series… Read more →