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Monthly Archives: September 2014

Membership, involvement and ethics

Some thoughts for Yoga Alliance UK As most of you know, I teach yoga as my primary occupation in rural Wiltshire, and have done since my first teacher training in 2008. My previous career was in community development. I am also about to begin a doctoral research project into yoga in informal environments, ethics, embodiment and animism. I have been… Read more →

Braid – a scarf pattern

A little while ago I shared a knitting pattern here (and on Ravelry). That one was a little something fun and easy, called ‘Wavelet on the Bias‘.  What has been really lovely is the number of knitting friends who have waved their own versions of the happy little shawl at me when I’ve popped round. It’s been made in all… Read more →

Summer’s End

They say that those who do not know their history are bound to repeat it. I say bring it on. Time is not an arrow or an unfolding road, ever relentless, ever marching onwards. Time soars in loops and spirals and endless waves, like the true, delighted flight of crows on the wind. Time, like history, needs the subtle patterning… Read more →