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Monthly Archives: January 2015

All this in just 20 minutes a day

We were snoozing gently to the radio this morning at 8.30am – occasional cuddle-filled lie-ins are a hidden benefit when the whole household is self-employed, including the cat. This benefit almost makes up for the joys of complete financial insecurity and Double Tax Return Week. Anyway, in its own inimitable impression of a modern news service, the BBC announced to… Read more →

Reviewing the Field

In theory, (if not always in practice,) academic research is a conversation. Everything published refers back to other academic publications, and is reviewed by academic peers and cited in its turn. In an ideal sense, this is a pure and democratic process, where the accepted truth or truths of a thing depend on the considered opinions of many. There are… Read more →

New Year Resolutions

Here we are at the start of another year, and the sun is just beginning to return. We have a few more weeks of cold and dark weather yet to come, so early January is not the best time to sweat out a whole year’s worth of good intentions. Most likely, you’ll come down with a virus, succumb to the… Read more →