Wild Yoga

yoga and thought from Theo Wildcroft

Wild Yoga Vinyasa 1: Action/Surrender

Here’s my notes from the Vinyasa session, for anyone who wants to play along at home. The next session will be a Satsang session at my home on 21st January, 8-10pm, to discuss and share this theme and our reflections on it. The next Vinyasa session on the theme of Embodying the Warrior will be on 4th Feb at Rowde Village hall, 8-10pm.

  • 20m: Intro

    • Welcome + energy levels

      • So, then, the questions we are asking are: How do we find our own practice? How do we share what we find? How do we go deeper? What are we looking to find?
      • “My name is [name] and tonight I bring [quality/feeling].” “Namaste [name] we welcome your [quality/feeling].”
      • Some practicalities
    • Prayers: (join hands)

      • Honouring and naming the spirits of place and all those seen and unseen that make it possible for us to be here tonight
      • “With great respect and love, I honour my heart, my inner teacher”
    • Theme: action/surrender

      • How do we just do it without overthinking? How do we just let go? What are the dangers of doing so?
      • Action: legs/core, in and up and strong; Surrender: heart/hips, out and down and melt
  • 15m: Open

    • Follow along and adapt opening pawanamuktasana style stretches from sitting > standing
  • 15m: Flow

    • Take turns to lead around the circle: one moves, all follow without need for instruction
    • I led a Womb yoga Full moon salute – lots of circling and spiraling, mostly on hands and knees
    • Taking turns to lead around the circle
  • 15m: Wild

    • All move in your own way
    • Be inspired by your body; be inspired by others; don’t be afraid to be still
    • No pushing, no rush, no holding back
    • Be safe, be held, be free, step up
    • Come to stillness in your own time
  • 15m: Bhakti

    • Singing or listening to ‘Aham’ – Hari Pyari’s chant
    • 3 Poems were read:

      • When Death Comes – Mary Oliver
      • Sunset – Rainer Maria Rilke
      • Sweet Darkness – David Whyte
    • Join hands, give thanks:

      • “In this place, at this time, I discover […]”
      • “We swear by peace and love to stand,
        Heart to heart and hand to hand.
        Mark, O spirits and hear us now,
        Confirming this our sacred vow.”
  • 15m: Still

    • Honouring each part of your body in turn
    • Exploring how action/surrender feel in the body – how you experience them and whether there is a place in the middle.
  • 10m: Return (Prasad)

    • Sharing cake and thoughts
    • Reminder: 21st Jan / 4th Feb – Satsang/Vinyasa: Embodying the Warrior
    • What does fierceness look like? Can we channel positive anger? How do we burn for change?