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Monthly Archives: April 2015

Being an ally

Allies are important. It took me a long time to realise that. When I came out, more than two decades ago, queer politics were identity politics. My first Pride was a huge event – London was hosting EuroPride, and thousands of us marched and danced our way through the streets. It felt like we didn’t need anyone’s help if we… Read more →

First person

Here’s an extract from a piece I’m writing to further my thesis – an ethnographic account of one of my favourite yoga camps. I’m using this to refine my area of research and start to consider possible field work methodologies. All photos are from the Santosa website, and used for illustrative, commentary purposes.   In the corner of a field,… Read more →

People I follow

I’m very busy here doing two things – working on the first official draft of my Literature Review, and creating a whole new website with Phil. The new website is designed to give a more representative idea of who I am and what I do now, and it’ll have more space for online content. There are a lot more people… Read more →

Faery Fortunes

Phil and I are working quite hard behind the scenes here to bring all sorts of new loveliness to this website. So what with that and a couple of conferences, I’ve taken a week or two off the blogging. Here’s a little throwback treasure for you to make up for it. Once upon a misspent youth, I used to carry… Read more →