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Monthly Archives: May 2015

Tidying up

As the new website is getting its last little tidying up, it’s time to share the last little bits from my old ‘Changeling’ creative website. A few pretty pictures, and one short text. The next time I post, hopefully it’ll all look different around here. [We’ve transfered this blog archive to the new site wholesale] I am the mother. I… Read more →

Wild Yoga Vinyasa 4: Finding Joy

Wild Yoga Experiment Vinyasa 4: 20/05/15 20m: Intro Welcome + energy levels So, then, the questions we are asking are: How do we find our own practice? How do we share what we find? How do we go deeper? What are we looking to find? (Namaste … we welcome your …) Signs: jazz hands; tap for assist; act suggestions Prayers:… Read more →


Big themes collide like icebergs in my thinking this week: ideological clashes; inspirational conversations; memories recalled; histories remade. I give thanks for a new space of solidarity; and to Matthew Remski for supplying the defining thematic for my week – neoliberalism as religion. I’m realising how deep run the threads of hyper-individualism, consumerism, flattened difference and above all, grief and… Read more →

Sneaky previews

It’s been another very busy couple of weeks here, and a lot still to do. I spent a good few days hanging out with Matthew Remski whilst he’s over in the UK and loved every minute, although one highlight is definitely discussing the nature of truth in yogic transmission sitting with the dead people inside Uley longbarrow. I was enjoying… Read more →