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Monthly Archives: October 2015

Spiritual practice

That which is funny cannot be serious. That which is practical cannot be clever. We divide the world into this and not-this, because the world is complex, and these separating frameworks help us to understand it, even when they are wrong. Within our lived regular and ritual practices, one such separation that is overdue for dismantling, is this: That which… Read more →

Wild Things and Fallen Angels

This September, I gave my first academic paper at the BASR conference. Here’s an edited version, this time with all the pictures: Wild Things and Fallen Angels: epistemology and ontology in transnational yoga My name is Theo Wildcroft. My doctoral research area is the relationship between physical practice, animate bodies and systems of religious authority and transmission. Or as my… Read more →

students lying in a yoga class

New summer ‘nidras

I have a treat for yoga nidra fans this week. Over the course of the Santosa yoga camp this August, I delivered four improvised yoga nidra (deep relaxation) sessions to the happy campers. My shiny new Zoom recorder captured them all, in full atmospheric detail. You’ll find them in the second block here: https://www.wildyoga.co.uk/yoga/home-practice/#yoga-nidra The first one, ‘Ancestors‘, recorded on… Read more →