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New summer ‘nidras

I have a treat for yoga nidra fans this week. Over the course of the Santosa yoga camp this August, I delivered four improvised yoga nidra (deep relaxation) sessions to the happy campers. My shiny new Zoom recorder captured them all, in full atmospheric detail. You’ll find them in the second block here:


The first one, ‘Ancestors‘, recorded on a sunny lunchtime, was inspired by a couple of Earth Magic cards that I drew, and takes us on a journey back in time, ancestor to ancestor, to the first movements of life in this huge planetary family of which we are part.

The second one, ‘Galaxies‘, recorded late in the evening, is a dance with the stars, as we spin on the edge of our beautiful home here in the Milky Way.

The third one, ‘Green People‘, recorded in a sunny break in the middle of a rainy day, covers us in leaves and flowers and vines, to connect with our plant cousins and feel our roots grow strong.

And the last one, ‘Hugs and Kisses‘, recorded on my last day onsite, was inspired by a friend’s request to be ‘covered in hugs and kisses’. It’s lighthearted, loving and rather special.

Each recording has been only  gently cleaned up. You’ll hear the children playing and sounds of the weather. If you’re familiar with the camp, and if you were there, they’re a lovely reminder of that beautiful bhakti temple yurt; filled with curled up and stretched out bodies in all possible configurations. If you’re not, it’s a glimpse into yoga very much in the wild, and you can imagine it however you like!

It’s interesting to meditate on the ecology of the yoga nidra recording space: the space your body physically occupies; the space in or outside of yourself where you see and feel what you are asked to sense and imagine; and the space in which the recording was made. Overlapping ecologies, each real in their own way, as you drift between them.

As ever, I’ll be adding them to the Yoga Nidra Network. As ever, download, enjoy, and if you can afford it, please support the work by donating.