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Online classes

Tuesday Night Yoga Club

For the last few months, I’ve been teaching online classes to small groups of friends once a week using Skype. It’s been going really well and has even acquired its own name – the Tuesday Night Yoga Club. I set it up to explore ways of making yoga accessible to people who can’t get to a class, or have issues coping with your average yoga session.

That means that from the start, the practice has been small, steady, and trauma sensitive. We don’t just make space for people’s diversity, we explore the differences between us. And because students are in their own home, if they need to stretch their legs or have a lie on the sofa halfway through, it’s easy.

Now I’ve got the format right, and I’m more used to holding that online space and still care for everyone there, I’m opening the class up to more people. Numbers will still be limited, but if you or someone you know is interested in participating, drop me an email and we can talk about it.

You’ll need access to Skype, and a space you can stretch out in a little. Class runs most Tuesdays, 8 to 9.15 pm. If the cost is too much for you, please get in touch and let’s work something out. No-one gets turned away for lack of funds.

Yoga Explorers

I’m also looking at starting another online class, this one for students from all over who want to explore some of the exciting questions and resources emerging from my research. These will be a mixture of practice and sadhana (discussion). I just need to figure out the best platform for managing delivery and payment. If you get excited by the thought of logging online for a live exploration of half a dozen different styles of sun salutation, or a lively discussion of what ‘karma’ means in a neoliberal world, or even to listen to entertaining accounts of yoga camps in the 1920s, rounding off each time with a signature Wild nidra relaxation, sign up to my newsletter at the bottom of the page. You’ll be the first to find out. And by supporting these sessions, you’ll be supporting my work to explore even more curious and fascinating edges of the contemporary yoga world.

And if you’re already part of the Tuesday Night Yoga Club, you can now pay for your classes via Paypal using this button. Payment is in advance of the session, please, and you will be sent an email weekly letting you know how many sessions you have left, just to help us all keep track.

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