Wild Yoga

yoga and thought from Theo Wildcroft


Paying for classes and courses

It’s very useful to have advance payment for courses and classes so that I know I have enough students to cover the hall rent. You can:

  • send a cheque made out to Theo Wildcroft, email me to get the postal address
  • make a Paypal payment to theo@wildyoga.co.uk

Of course, if you’re not sure in advance whether you can make it, you can always bring cash or cheque to the class.

Making a donation

Like most self-employed creative people, I’d love to offer everything I do for the widest audience by giving everything away for free. But our current framework makes the people who provide cultural infrastructure very rich, whilst those who create content barely scrape by. So here’s the honest facts: neither writing, nor teaching yoga, nor research make me enough money to live on. And yet to do this work effectively, I work more hours than many. This is a familiar story, and I’m guessing you didn’t win any lotteries lately, so how can you help?

If you like what I do, and especially if you’re enjoying my downloads, putting even just a little money my way will mean I can justify spending time making more things for you to enjoy. The best way to do that is by Paypal, and I’d love it even more if you sent me a ‘hello’ message to go with it.

Any amount is dearly appreciated, and not everybody has money to spare, so don’t feel bad about enjoying my work if you can’t spare a donation – you’re exactly the people I want most to have it for free.

But if you have a little spare, I know it can be hard to know how much to give. So here’s a suggestion or two:

  • If you like my blogs, you could pop in the price of a cuppa, or even just the tip you’d add on.
  • If you like my downloads, and realise that each one takes hours of work to set up, edit and process, maybe you could think about how much an hour’s pay is for you? Or half an hour?
  • If you like my research and think it’s important to tell these stories, you might even send me a modest chunk of cash. By doing so, you’ll become a patron of the academic arts. I think that’s kind of cool.

Become a patron

I’m really interested in exploring using Patreon, a crowdfunding site which allows patrons (that’s you!) to pledge a chosen amount to creators (that’s me!) for their content. In my case that would be selected videos and yoga nidras, but I won’t start doing this until I’m really happy with the quality.

Anyway, let Patreon explain the system much better than I can …