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Faery Fortunes

Phil and I are working quite hard behind the scenes here to bring all sorts of new loveliness to this website. So what with that and a couple of conferences, I’ve taken a week or two off the blogging. Here’s a little throwback treasure for you to make up for it. Once upon a misspent youth, I used to carry… Read more →

Braid – a scarf pattern

A little while ago I shared a knitting pattern here (and on Ravelry). That one was a little something fun and easy, called ‘Wavelet on the Bias‘.  What has been really lovely is the number of knitting friends who have waved their own versions of the happy little shawl at me when I’ve popped round. It’s been made in all… Read more →

Pictures for a purpose

I will happily admit that I am a complete amateur in all my art and design skills. As I head towards my third degree (!) in the Autumn, I still cherish those skills that I did not learn in any kind of school. Many, many years ago, a therapist asked me to draw for her, because anything I wrote felt… Read more →