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Spinning dreams – and a contest!

The world these days can have sharp edges, and cold winds, so in honour of all our spinning ancestors, I’m holding a competition. Join my mailing list (see bottom of page) to get in on the chance to win something tiny, filled with love and magic and history; in Angora and Merino and Shetland; in soft browns and white. It’s… Read more →

Braid – a scarf pattern

A little while ago I shared a knitting pattern here (and on Ravelry). That one was a little something fun and easy, called ‘Wavelet on the Bias‘.  What has been really lovely is the number of knitting friends who have waved their own versions of the happy little shawl at me when I’ve popped round. It’s been made in all… Read more →

Woolly warmth

Most people who know me also know that I love to work with wool. I’ve been knitting for just a few years, and spinning for even less. But it’s funny how some skills you just pick up easily, as if they’ve been waiting for you all along. It turns out the arcane art of fluff charming skipped a generation: both… Read more →