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Sukham and Dukham

So here I am, packing again, and reflecting on what makes this time feel so tough. The weather is grey and humid, the forecast not great, and I’ve just sent off my husband and cat to one field, as I prepare for life in another. Timings are tricky. The British summer is short, and with only so many weekends, some… Read more →

Is God still a DJ?

“This is my church This is where I heal my hurts For tonight God Is a DJ” ~ Faithless One problem with my area of research is that it doesn’t fit traditional ideas of ‘religion’, or even ‘religious practice’. For many of us, the word ‘religion’ is loaded with expectation, control and conformity. It is a word that has more… Read more →

Bodies, movement, and lived religion

I gave my first academic paper last week, just before solstice. It was even more nerve-racking than I expected! A couple of people have asked if they can read it. That’s a little difficult, because I have to make sure that: What I put up isn’t too difficult to read or relies on too much academic or subject-specific vocabularly. I… Read more →

Reviewing the Field

In theory, (if not always in practice,) academic research is a conversation. Everything published refers back to other academic publications, and is reviewed by academic peers and cited in its turn. In an ideal sense, this is a pure and democratic process, where the accepted truth or truths of a thing depend on the considered opinions of many. There are… Read more →

A baby doctorate takes its first steps

“Yogic-animist ritual: witnessing emergent embodiment” Theo Wildcroft I promised a fortnight ago to share an edited state of play of my doctoral research project. Hold onto your hats. This one has no kitty photos. Warning: the following text has been written in academic language. Some concepts need to be expressed precisely to be clearly understood. I hope there are enough… Read more →