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Yoli, Uma and Theo

Collaborative magic

It’s been a long fortnight for me – nearly two weeks at the Santosa yoga camp, then three days at the BASR conference in Leeds. They’re very different events, involving different worldviews, conversations, and even clothes! But what they have in common for me, is working hard with others, and catching up with friends and colleagues. Etienne Wenger famously defined… Read more →

Theo teaching

Summer travels

I am at home at the moment, taking a couple of days to catch up with myself about halfway through my Summer and early Autumn traveling plans. As many people will know by now, the majority of my research centres on the summer circuit of British alternative yoga events and camps. And as scholars will realise, this overlaps with the… Read more →

students lying in a yoga class

New summer ‘nidras

I have a treat for yoga nidra fans this week. Over the course of the Santosa yoga camp this August, I delivered four improvised yoga nidra (deep relaxation) sessions to the happy campers. My shiny new Zoom recorder captured them all, in full atmospheric detail. You’ll find them in the second block here: https://www.wildyoga.co.uk/yoga/home-practice/#yoga-nidra The first one, ‘Ancestors‘, recorded on… Read more →

Summer’s End

They say that those who do not know their history are bound to repeat it. I say bring it on. Time is not an arrow or an unfolding road, ever relentless, ever marching onwards. Time soars in loops and spirals and endless waves, like the true, delighted flight of crows on the wind. Time, like history, needs the subtle patterning… Read more →