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Wild Yoga: the experiment

Most of you already know that I am beginning to explore more deeply the links between physical practice, inclusive spirituality, ritual, and diversity. My forthcoming research project with the Open University will be an academic examination of these issues, but I’m also developing my own teaching to reflect my findings and understandings. As part of this, I have an experiment… Read more →


  We’re away on Thursday, so this week’s blog is a little early. Because the sun is high and Spring is definitely here, I decided to share something bright, colourful and goddess-inspired. Uma Dinsmore-Tuli’s book, ‘Yoni Shakti’ (available in all good bookshops – buy it now!) includes as an appendix, beautiful yantras of all the ten Hindu wisdom goddesses whose… Read more →

Story telling

There’s a little group of ten year olds I’m currently teaching on a Tuesday afternoon, and as part of the contract evolving between us, they will try the asana and the pranayama and the Being Still (above all, the Being Still, please!) and in return, I read them stories from the Little Book of Hindu Deities by Sanjay Patel, which… Read more →