Wild Yoga

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The Experiment

Wild Yoga Vinyasa 4: Finding Joy

Wild Yoga Experiment Vinyasa 4: 20/05/15 20m: Intro Welcome + energy levels So, then, the questions we are asking are: How do we find our own practice? How do we share what we find? How do we go deeper? What are we looking to find? (Namaste … we welcome your …) Signs: jazz hands; tap for assist; act suggestions Prayers:… Read more →

Wild Yoga Satsang 2: Action/Surrender

Last night a small group of us gathered for the second ‘satsang’ session, and set the seal on the first of our chosen themes, after the first ‘vinyasa’ session before Christmas. The theme was Action/Surrender, and present were Helen, Jill and myself, as well as the usual sacred container of those-there-in-spirit. January is a busy time, when most people don’t… Read more →