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Webinars and online courses

I’d been planning to turn my Post-lineage yoga in a nutshell workshop into an online course anyway but the world’s current situation has made it a higher priority. The Yoga, trauma, and teaching relationships workshop I was going to run in May is well suited to being expanded and run as an online course as well.

So I have two online courses coming up. I plan to run them as webinars, which means they will be live rather than pre-recorded. Each webinar will consist of 3 sessions of 3 hours each with talk, presentations, discussions, questions, and even some movement and yoga nidra practices where appropriate.

Pre-course reading and post-course references will be available. There will also be opportunities for discussion outside the webinars.

Both courses qualify for Yoga Alliance CEU continuing education credits.

Post-lineage yoga in a nutshell

notes for Brighton

This 3-part webinar will be an introduction to ‘post-lineage yoga’ as a term, how it emerged from my PhD research, why it’s a useful concept for understanding the fast evolving landscape of yoga teaching, and how you, as a yoga or movement teacher can consider your own response to such changes. It will set the stage for later workshops on contemporary issues and themes for yoga teachers, and take you on a deep dive into the context and history of teaching yoga, from the pre-modern to contemporary era.

Tuesdays 19th May, 26th May, 2nd June. 6.30 – 9.30pm, UK time

Price for the whole course: £35 (financially vulnerable); £45 (standard) £55 (supporter)

Trauma and teaching relationships

This 3-part webinar will explore the rise in ‘trauma-informed yoga’ and a wider revolution in how we relate to each other in both the teaching and therapeutic practice of yoga. Introducing cutting edge theories of movement and consciousness, practices of interpersonal contact, and the power dynamics of teaching relationships. Participants will understand more about the effect of physical proximity on the self, and on the practice of teaching and sharing yoga. This will inevitably lead to how such interpersonal dynamics are changed by working online.

Running Tuesdays 16th June, 23rd June, 30th June. 6.30 – 9.30pm, UK time

Price for the whole course: £35 (financially vulnerable); £45 (standard) £55 (supporter)