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yoga and thought from Theo Wildcroft

Post-lineage yoga in a nutshell

This 3-part webinar will be an introduction to ‘post-lineage yoga’ as a term, how it emerged from my PhD research, why it’s a useful concept for understanding the fast evolving landscape of yoga teaching, and how you, as a yoga or movement teacher can consider your own response to such changes. It will set the stage for later workshops on contemporary issues and themes for yoga teachers, and take you on a deep dive into the context and history of teaching yoga, from the pre-modern to contemporary era.

My aim, once again, is to shine a light on some very interesting untold stories, to contextualise some of the most pressing issues yoga teachers and practitioners face today, and to illuminate some hopeful paths forward. In the heart of the current crisis, I can’t promise we’ll have all the answers, but considering our teaching relationships, our networks of support, and our community resilience, has never been more vital than today.

You will benefit from my two decades of experience in group facilitation, backed by an M.A. in informal education and community development. The course also qualifies for continuing education credits with Yoga Alliance. Each week, participants can expect a mix of presentations, group discussion and pop quizzes, and a mini session of gentle asana, other movement, or yoga nidra. All practices will be fully accessible and optional. Pre-course reading and post-course references will be available.

As one participant said of the in-person workshop:
“I feel like I am probing into more difficult questions now. The world of yoga is undergoing so many changes and it is fascinating to be in the midst of it.”

The course will run on Tuesdays 19th May, 26th May, 2nd June at 6.30 – 9.30pm, UK time. That’s 1.30pm US/Canada East Coast time and 5.30am Australia/NZ time. Or use this handy site to convert to your timezone.

Price for the whole course: £35 (financially vulnerable); £45 (standard) £55 (supporter). When you book the course, Crowdcast will ask you to enter a value between 35GBP and 55GBP.