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yoga and thought from Theo Wildcroft

Camps & festivals

camp_instructPermaculture, ecology, animism and paganism are close to my heart. So I am especially passionate about any yoga in the outdoors. Each summer, I take time away from my usual schedule to teach friends new and old with our toes in the grass at various small camps and festivals. Some of these I help to run, and others form part of my ongoing research into post-traditional yoga.

Each summer, you can find me at various of the Rainbow Futures camps in the Forest of Dean during July and August. But I am also on the teaching and scheduling team for the lovely Pure Santosa yoga camp near Glastonbury. And I often run a workshop or pop into a retreat here and there elsewhere.

I’ve been known to pop along as a punter (or researcher) to many other festivals, including the OffGrid festival, the IYN’s Midsummer Festival, ColourFest, the Green Gathering. I’m happiest at community run events of about 50 – 300 people. This is where you can find a real community or tribal feel, rather than a commercial marketplace. You can read all about why that’s important to me in this blog post.

I’m always looking for new events and communities to visit, especially for my fieldwork research. Here’s an extract from my first piece of fieldwork.

So if there’s another outdoor event you’d like me to teach at or think might be a great place for me to sink my toes in the grass, please contact me early and I’ll do what I can to free up the time.