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Yoga Nidra

Yoga Wiltshire - Photo © Dave Lawrence - www.wisemonkeys.comYoga Nidra translates as yoga sleep. It is a state of restful awareness into which you are guided while resting comfortably. Within that state, guided visualizations help support the body to rest and recover, while the mind is settled and ordered, and the heart can open.

I trained in yoga nidra with Uma and Nirlipta Dinsmore-Tuli, among the foremost specialists on this subject in the UK. My experience and knowledge of yoga nidra is combined with skills acquired in years of training with accomplished teachers from different disciplines: Reiki with Chris Deefholts and Taggart King; natural druidry with Emma Restall Orr; Celtic shamanism with Tira Brandon-Evans.

My guides and teachers, inner and outer, are still showing me how to bring the intuitive and rational, earthy and airy, more skillfully together. My aim is to take you to a space of creative magic, where you can access a fuller potential, listen to your own inner wisdom, and ultimately return refreshed and refocused.


The nicest place to experience yoga nidra is in your own home, so I record yoga nidra sessions for general use and also for specific clients. You can stream or download free yoga nidras, or buy a complete collection to download. Payment is via Paypal. If you can afford to pay the Supporter price, this lets me offer the Concession price to others. Any problems downloading or buying, just email me.

Classics collection
A good place to start – the different techniques and classic elements forming a solid range of yoga nidras to explore. (98 minutes total)

1. Basic – Classic body rotation for physical relaxation
2: Sensory – Sensory rotation for increasing body awareness
3: Trances – Full exploration of rest as a trance state
4: Opposites – Full exploration of opposites for a deeper resting trance
5: Natural object – Short meditation on a natural object to enhance visualisation
6: Forest Temple – Classic nidra with a visit to a hidden forest temple

A free sample from the Classics collection

1. Basic (11m)

new Winter At Lower Shaw collection
A collection of recordings from monthly yoga nidra classes at Lower Shaw Farm on Winter themes, from frost fairs to snowdrops. For when you feel like hibernating. (100 minutes total)

1. Frost Fair – A Victorian adventure
2. Sleigh Ride – Rushing through the snow
3. Earth Seed – Deep, dark and restful
4. Crystal Dawn – Bright light returning
5. Snowdrop Lamb – The first stirrings of new life

A free sample from the Winter at Lower Shaw collection

1. Sleigh Ride (15m)

new Summer ’19 collection
A collection of field recordings from Sundara and Santosa yoga camps 2019. New themes, new stories and a lingering taste of summer. Some real gems. (90 minutes total)

1. Eagle Flight – Desert plains and soaring high
2. Fabulous Beasts – Fantastic beasts and how to become one
3. Princess Pea – A new take on an old story
4. Waterfall Dawn – A bright and breezy morning wander
5. Digestion Sun – A lovely practice for digestion, or just warming up

A free sample from the Summer ’19 collection

1. Princess Pea (15m)

Summer ’18 collection
A collection of field recordings from Colourfest, Sundara and Santosa yoga camps 2018. New themes, new stories and a lingering taste of summer. To savour. (124 minutes total)

1. Welcome – A yoga nidra for arriving at Colourfest
2. Mandala – Enchanting the land around us at Sundara
3. Mountain Body – Being one with the earth and sky
4. Tribal Web – Coming together with the Santosa tribe
5. Hanuman Shine – A curious encounter in the jungle
6. Star Creatures – Becoming a fantastical creature with Ling Mann

A free sample from the Summer ’18 collection

1. Tribal Web (18m)

Lower Shaw collection #1
A first collection of recordings from monthly yoga nidra classes at Lower Shaw Farm. A range of nourishing and safe practices on grounded themes. To snuggle into. (115 minutes total)

1. Meadow Sweet – Blossom into seasonal rhythms
2. Galaxies Within – Exploring constellations of the body
3. Five Elements – An extended journey through and around the planet
4. Pilgrimage Home – Finding borders, boundaries, and home
5. Cave Paintings – Firelight, ancient art, and warmth within

A free sample from Lower Shaw collection #1

1. Pilgrimage Home (19m)

Summer ’17 collection
A collection of field recordings from Sundara and Santosa yoga camps 2017. New themes, new stories and a new collaboration. To savour. (89 minutes total)

1. Landing – A yoga nidra for arriving
2: Setting Sail – Set sail for adventure
3: Earth Cuddle – Late night with the Earth as your bed
4: Hanuman – Mythological themes for the first among monkeys
5: Colour – A journey into colour with Ling Mann’s beautiful singing bowls

A free sample from the Summer ’17 collection

1. Colour (27m)

5 Elements Woven collection
A collection of 5 yoga nidras, recorded live at a retreat day in Malvern, UK. The five nidras weave the elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space into an embodied meditative mandala. (129 minutes total)

1: Tree – Fire and earth come together at the World Tree
2: Sea Cave – Earth and water meet in the sea cave
3: Waves – Water and Air meet on an ocean of breath
4: Flying – Air and Space take us up above
5: Indra’s Net – Space and fire light up Indra’s Net

A free sample from the 5 Elements Woven collection

1: Tree – Fire and earth come together at the World Tree (28m)

Best Of Santosa collection
My favourites from field recordings at the Santosa yoga camp 2015 and 2016. Magical, inspired and unusual yoga nidras often improvised to themes of the moment. (84 minutes total)

1. Welcome to the Land – Simple wild nidra welcoming yourself to the land around you
2: Mist, Music, Heartbeat and Harmony – Exploring inner and shared rhythms
3: Ancestors – A journey back to the first movements of life in our planetary family
4: In the Garden Temple with Krishna – A wild nidra for Krishna’s birthday, with music
5: Final Blessings – A late night sleepy practice focused on gathering

A free sample from the Best Of Santosa collection

4: In the Garden Temple with Krishna (16m)

Santosa Addicts collection
More field recordings from Santosa yoga camp in 2015 and 2016. For deeper exploration, and even more evocative moments. Precious. 84 minutes total

1. Green People – Cover yourself in leaves and flowers and vines
2: Walking out to the Beloved – Recorded for Krishna’s birthday
3: Cool Water, Warm Sun, Temple Visit – Recorded at Santosa Yoga Camp 2016
4: Galaxies – A dance with the stars as we spin on the edge of the Milky Way
5: Hugs and kisses – Inspired by a friend’s request to be covered in hugs and kisses

A free sample from the Santosa Addicts collection

5: Hugs and kisses (14m)

Trauma Sensitive Yoga Nidra collection
An attempt at a more trauma-sensitive yoga nidra: heavy on choices and invitations; light on visualisation. (78 minutes total)

1. Wild Harvest – Snoozing through winter to emerge transformed in the spring
2: Sensory Prana – A sensory route around the body and then a pranic body scan
3: Antar Mouna – An exploration of the senses and staying present
4: Marma Stars – A marma point route around the body
5: Short Sensory Pause – Short and sensory for a concentrated dose of rest

A free sample from the Trauma Sensitive Yoga Nidra collection

3: Antar Mouna (14m)

Therapeutic collection
A very special collection of gentle yoga nidras for pain management, children with special needs, anxiety and self-worth. Each one crafted with a specific client in mind, but suitable for all. (106 minutes total)

1. Blossom Garden – A gentle yoga nidra addressing anxiety, with live birdsong!
2: Pain Management – A stronger yoga nidra to help with pain management
3: Inner Journey – An inner journey addressing issues of self worth
4: Timothy’s Wishing Star – Crafted with a special yoga client, positive and heartwarming.
5: Rest and Renew – A yoga nidra for rest and recovery

A free sample from the Therapeutic collection

2: Pain Management (22m)

Energy Bodies collection
For the established yoga practitioner. A selection of yoga nidras exploring energy flows, pranic bodies and intention setting. (98 minutes total)

1. Long Kosha Journey – Long yoga nidra moving through the koshas (energy bodies)
2: Prana Nidra – Pared down nidra for the confident practitioner
3: Esoteric – Shorter marma point and prana nidra as an introduction to the energy body
4: Sankalpa – Full yoga nidra for setting a heart’s intention
5: Breath Wave – Short journey into the waves of the breath

A free sample from the Energy Bodies collection

3: Esoteric (9m)

Journeys collection
A collection of yoga nidras on more natural, earthy themes. Rooted yet magical and often less traditional and more innovative. (139 minutes total)

1. Harvest Treasure – A harvest relaxation to enjoy at home
2: Summer Fun – A summer relaxation to take wherever you go
3: Wild Weather – Full nidra watching storm and frosts pass over a still lake
4: Shapeshifting – Full yoga nidra exploring playful animal movement
5: Seasons Change – Full nidra for seasonal change and renewal
6: Full Sunset Nidra – Long yoga nidra including a beach sunset and wishing on a star

A free sample from the Journeys collection

5: Seasons Change (20m)

Wild Nidra collection
For the independent traveller. A collection of wilder nidras that give you choices and leave you increasingly to your own inner wisdom. (90 minutes total)

1. Koshas – Moving through the koshas (energy bodies)
2: Nirakalpa – Full yoga nidra to connect to inner rather than external wisdom
3: Wild Nidra – Pared down wild nidra to introduce self-practice
4: White Horse Wild Nidra 1 – Another pared down wild nidra to practice self-guided nidra
5: White Horse Wild Nidra 2 – A final, spacious wild nidra

A free sample from the Wild Nidra collection

3: Wild Nidra (17m)

And finally …
Rolling OMs (short Yoga Nidra) (15m)
A compact but complete yoga nidra designed for yoga practitioners.


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