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I currently run one weekly yoga class in my home base of North Wiltshire. This is run on a course basis, with a typical course length of 5 weeks – but you can also drop in for single classes. I don’t target classes at particular experience levels, so anyone from beginners to advanced students can come along.

I make my classes as accessible as possible to the widest range of people, whatever your abilities, experience and spiritual leanings. I make sure we have time to breathe, and rest, and laugh and check in with each other, and still feel like you’ve been looking after yourself in the best way you can. We don’t lose the technical side of yoga, but try to move through it into a place of flowing grace where you listen to your body’s own wisdom rather than a list of instructions. I also share ways to have a home practice that doesn’t load you with guilt because you’re too tired for yet more sun salutations.

The class prices all work on the same principle – a drop-in session rate, a rate for a whole course based on a lower per session rate, and a concession rate available for course bookings to low or un-waged students. I base the viability of a course on advance bookings, so course fees are non-refundable.


Wednesday Morning
The Rowde class is cancelled until further notice as a result of Coronavirus. I will be holding an online class for my Wednesday morning regulars. If you’re one of those, contact me for details.

SONY DSCMy weekly daytime class is Wednesday at 10.30am at Rowde Village Hall, which is in the centre of the village just off the Chippenham to Devizes road.

At Rowde we have an enthusiastic and growing community of students. The village hall is small but perfectly formed, and also easy to find. There is free parking at the hall. This one is for all of you in and around Devizes.

Drop in: £9 / Course: £7.50 per session / Concession: £6 per session

Rowde Village Hall, Cock Road, Rowde, Devizes SN10 2PP [Google Maps]

No class blocks found


Monday Evening

Monday: First class ready to go at Sherston village hall.

I’ve now passed the Sherston class on to eloisegordon@aol.com – please contact her if you want to attend.

Sherston Village Hall, High Street, Sherston SN16 0LQ [Google Maps]

Lower Shaw Rest and Renew

I’ve passed the Lower Shaw class onto a new teacher, Lisa Janson, as I need to drop some of my teaching commitments to make room for other things. You can contact her on lisajanson190@yahoo.co.uk.

Lower Shaw Farm, Old Shaw Lane, Shaw, Swindon, Wiltshire, SN5 5PJ [Google Maps]

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