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One – to – One

Online sessions

Tuesdays 10.30 – 1pm / Thursdays 2 – 5pm

I’ve been quietly offering private online yoga sessions for a while. These fall into two main types: mentoring for yoga teachers, and home practice support for people with specific needs. In both cases, I’m offering low key, supportive advice, that aims to build on what you already do well, and give you a few new things to think about that can make the maximum positive difference.

These sessions are run on a Pay What You Can basis. In the middle of this new reality we find ourselves in, many of us have seen our financial situation change radically.

For yoga teacher mentoring, my suggested rate at the moment is £40 a session. Pay less if your income is in freefall (£20 is fine). Pay a little more if you can, to support my writing and research (£60 is my usual rate). If it helps to know this, I can tell you that my income has dropped to about 30% of usual, but I’m not in any serious trouble yet.

For home practice support, we’ll probably book in sessions once every 2-6 weeks, depending how things work best for you. My suggested rate is also £40 a session. Pay less if you’re disabled, on a low income, or otherwise vulnerable (£15 or less is fine). Pay more if you can, to help pay for others (£60 would be great). If it helps to know this, I can tell you that I was hoping to break the Income Tax threshold this year for the first time in a decade.

You can access my session calendar below in OfficeHours. Drop me an email to say hi if you’ve made a booking. Please pay in advance of the session by PayPal to theo@wildyoga.co.uk. If you’d prefer to connect at a different time, or pay a different way, just drop me an email to discuss it.

In person sessions

Photo by Dave LawrenceIn person One to One sessions can be of benefit for a range of reasons, particularly to ease specific therapeutic issues or to address special needs. Often two or three sessions are enough; sometimes we work together over a longer period.

Some students prefer working in this more intimate way, or being able to book a time that fits better with their own schedules. Sometimes we come together just to work on a specific set of poses or alignment technique; or to go deeper into a particular teaching.

A typical therapeutic session together might include some talking, some movement, some relaxation, and even a little massage. There’s time available to share short, simple, but effective practices for you to carry on using in your own time. I can even construct and record a deep relaxation audio track specifically for you.

All these sessions are negotiated and tailored to the student’s needs, and we work out the best place, pricing and time between us. But typically I charge £40-£60 depending on where, when, how long and what we’re doing together; as well as what you can afford. A session usually takes 60 minutes, but I don’t like to rush things if we need a little more time to talk.


Obviously at the moment I can’t offer in person sessions. Under normal circumstances, I primarily work in north Wiltshire: Calne, Lyneham, Devizes, Melksham, Trowbridge, Corsham and Chippenham. Other areas are by arrangement and a travel surcharge may apply.


Phone: 07818 401110
Email: theo@wildyoga.co.uk

Client quotes

“I found Theo’s sensitive and gentle treatment very calming and relaxing, perfect for soothing my tender body and soul!” – Naomi

“Theo’s massages are wonderfully relaxing and she is always very intuitive in knowing just what I need.” – Janet

“Nurturing – like everything else you do” – Lizzy